Dog training made simple

We offer premium dog training for those dog parents that have exhausted all other options.

What We Do

Fulfilled Puppies

We take on the messiness of puppyhood so you don’t have to! We focus on making sure we deliver fulfilled, healthy and happy puppies that will put your mind at ease. If you want a new puppy to join your family, we want to help you. We offer pretrained puppies that will Come, Sit, Stay. Look At Me, Basic Obedience, Food Manners and much more. 

Therapy Dogs and Service Animals

Not only do we focus on making sure the dogs we train and care for are fulfilled but want to make sure their humans are too! Along with training service animals to fulfill their humans needs, Our therapy animals are here to offer support to the community by comforting humans in times of stress.

Training Unfulfilled Dogs

Do you have a dog that chews on furniture, gets aggressive with other dogs and won’t calm down no matter what you say to them? We’ve been there and we are here to offer our help. We want to aid your dog’s transformation from an unfulfilled dog to a fulfilled dog. There are no bad dogs in our eyes, only dogs who aren’t getting the fulfillment they need.

Our Mission

Too often me and my husband saw dogs misunderstood, abused and unfulfilled in our community. Their humans were so frustrated with their dog’s behavior that they ignored red flags and pleas for help or dumped them at the nearest shelter. We saw families with new puppies at their wits end because the new family member was much more than what they could handle. The problem isn’t the dog and never is the dog. The problem is the lack of guidance and training of the humans and subsequently their new family member.  We want to change that. When you teach humans to make fulfilling their dogs needs a priority to change how both human and dog companion interact with each other. We believe fulfillment for dogs comes from giving them purpose, training and structure. To do this we must focus on the dog and their human. We want less dogs in shelters. We want to end the abuse and unfulfillment of dogs because they are simply misunderstood. We want a healthier and happier community of dogs and humans.

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