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Are Service Dog Candidates, Service Animals?

Candidates are not service animals and do not have rights under ADA Law. You can not claim them as a service dog if they do not perform a task that mitigates your disability. Please the ADA’s policy Here.

Are Fulfilled Puppies health tested?

Fulfilled puppies receive genetic testing, age appropriate vaccines and treatment, OFA certified eyes, heart and patellas. We provide a copy of health testing when you adopt your puppy as well as all medical history.

Is there someone I can contact if my fulfilled puppy is having trouble adjusting?

Yes! You can contact us via email at support@fulfilleddogs.com or call and text 425-375-0791. Fulfilled Puppy Support is 24/7.

What is your aftercare like?

We do a 1 week and 1 month follow up with all puppy adopters to ensure you and your puppy are a great fit. Fulfilled Puppy adopters go home with amazing resources on how to help your puppy adjust to home life, common problems that may arise and how to continue education with their new puppy.

I have a dog I want to train as a service animal, how can you help me with that?

We do offer full service dog training options for our Fulfilled puppies and a select few dogs outside of our program.

What does my Fulfilled puppy come with?

Adopters will leave with medical records, any registration the dog might be under, training logs, next steps for you and your puppy, toys, clicker, training treats, leash and of course, lots and lots of Happiness!

What is your refund policy?

If at your 3 day checkup, your dog has a contagious disease, any ailments or congenital disease, you are able to return the dog to us in exchange for another puppy or a refund. If injury of the puppy is at fault of the handler, no refund or exchange will take place. You must show or upload medical records of said ailment to be eligible. See our Health Guarantee for all circumstances of refund.

Do you use breeders?

We use a combination of our in-home breeding program as well as our trusted network of breeders. All of our partners health test their puppies and raise them in home environments. We do not under any circumstance obtain our puppies through puppy mills. We do not condone puppy mills and irresponsible breeding.

Do you offer a Health Guarantee?

Yes! Please see our Health Guarantee, Here.

How long does it take you to train the puppies?

For most of our Fulfilled Puppies, 4 months after they turn 8 weeks. Some take longer than others so this number varies. We train more advanced skills depending on the client’s need whch may result in longer wait times.

If I can’t do the Final Interview in person, what are my options?

Final Interview, can be done via Zoom. You will electronically sign and review necessary documents. Payment will be taken via invoice. You will have to organize transportation of your Fulfilled Puppy.

All Litters are reserved, what do I do?

Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know when we are taking applications for the next litter.

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